How to make Turkish coffee using the Turkish coffee pot

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 23, 2020

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Making Turkish coffee is actually quite easy if you use the right equipment and coffee blend. The latter means using a blend of rio-y flavored Brazilian beans with Ethiopian beans. It is a common mistake to think that Turkish coffee is almost black in colour, but the truth of the matter is that because of the types of beans used the coffee ground is actually of a reddish brown colour and not as dark as commonly believed.

As this type of brew needs a very fine coffee grind, a normal coffee grinder will not do. This is way the coffee grinder is used. These are tall grinders, where the coffee beans are filled through the removable dome-like top. The grinding will result in extremely fine coffee grounds which will end up in the bottom part of the grinder

The easier way of course is to buy ready ground Turkish coffee.

The Turkish coffee pot in which the Turkish coffee is prepared is called the ibrik also cezve or kanaka, in Greece it is known as the briki. This is a fairly small vessel with a narrow neck and is available in various sizes.

Tip: the cezve and the coffee grinder make a nice Turkish coffee gift.

The number of cups the pot is intended for is marked on the bottom If you do not have an ibrik, you can still prepare a Turkish coffee using a pan normally intended for heating milk, but it must have straight sides.

All coffee making recipes tell you not to boil the water, as this will cause the coffee to go bitter. Well, for Turkish coffee recipe we will have to break that golden rule. But don’t worry the added sugar and spices will enhance the flavour and avoid bitterness.

Turkish coffee recipe

If you follow the rules it is quite easy to do and within a few minutes you will be enjoying your mouth-watering cup of Turkish coffee as it is served in a coffee house.

Step 1.Put as many heaped spoons of Turkish coffe as the ibrik is designed for. Add the same number of heaped spoons of sugar (one for each cup). Of course this is a matter of taste and you can vary according to personal preference.

Step 2. Now add as many cups of water as you are making coffee for using the small Turkish coffee cups.

Step 3. To add more flavour you now add cardamom, some cinnamon and aniseed.

Tip: Try not to add too much of these spices and work your way towards the right amount every time you brew your Turkish coffee

Step 4. The next step is done by putting the coffee pot on a low heat. When the mixture is almost boiling over, remove it from the heat. Stir and move the pot back on the heat. Keep your eyes on it because it will start to boil again almost right away. Move it from the heat again, but this time don’t stir.

Wait a moment and put it on the heat again.

For the last time take the ibrik from the heat and fill the coffee cups with the coffee by alternately pouring a little in each cup dividing the froth evenly between them.

When drinking the coffee make sure not drink the grind which will have settled on the bottom of the cup.

As Turkish coffee is very hot, it is traditionally served with a glass of cold water. Alternately taking a sip of cold water will also enhance the taste of the coffee.

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