Is coffee one of the causes of acid reflux?

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 22, 2020

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Is it true that one of the causes of acid reflux could be that morning cup of coffee you enjoy so much? Certainly there is documentation that shows some foods and beverages have been shown to trigger this condition.

However there is no real evidence to prove that coffee is one of the culprits.

When it comes to the many causes of acidreflux problems it now seems that the burden has been squarely placed on lifestyle choices. Obesity is one of the leading conditions that appears to trigger those acid reflux flare-ups. A sedentary lifestyle is also being implicated. Dietary choices are also being targeted, and there are a number of acid reflux foods to avoid.

There are a number of issues that can place you at higher risk for developing acid reflux. For instance a hiatal hernia is a physical ailment that is often linked to acid reflux disease. While all people with this problem will not suffer from heartburn and acid reflux those with hiatal hernias should certainly be aware that these conditions share a common link.

Pregnancy and obesity are other physical conditions that may trigger acid reflux problems.

These physical conditions put more pressure on the stomach and diaphragm. If the contents of the stomach become trapped or sluggish then it is more likely that a person will develop problems such as gas, bloating or heartburn.

Smoking and excessive alcohol intake are two of the main risk factors that can lead to acid reflux complaints. Even carbonated drinks are causes of heartburn in some patients. People who tend to eat a lot of food at one meal and people who eat shortly before bed frequently complain of GI problems such as heartburn.

Causes of acid reflux

Causes of acid reflux are as varied as the individuals but there are certain acid reflux foods to avoid. Many patients have reported that their GI issues improve once they eliminate the following items from their regular diet:

Other causes of acid reflux are thought to be physical inactivity, use of aspirin and ibuprofen and a genetic pre-disposition for this condition. In recent years coffee has also been blamed for creating heartburn and acid reflux problems. However, research is now showing that there is no distinct link that proves coffee causes acid reflux issues.
If you suffer from frequent bouts of acid reflux, belching and other heartburn related symptoms you should consider changing other aspects of your diet and eliminating those foods that are listed above.

Instead of blaming coffee try to become more active and lose weight.

Add more whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. The causes of acid reflux are most likely to be resolved once you adopt these healthy lifestyle choices.

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