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Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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The Right Type for the Real Coffee Lovers

Why consider a vacuum coffee maker? Coffee is one of the many widely enjoyed beverages in the world. In many countries and cultures, coffee is an everyday staple for many people. Some may enjoy their coffee for breakfast, while many people enjoy coffee all day long.

There are also people who drink coffee to keep them energized or to stay awake, especially when burning the midnight oil to work or study. Some enjoy it black or mixed with cream or milk, with or without sugar. Coffee can be drunk hot or cold and its strength varies. Nevertheless, there is something about home-brewed coffee that is still unbeatable by store-bought coffee.

the vacuum coffee maker is the earliest invention in the history of coffee makers. You need to know a few things in order to find the best vacuum coffee maker for you.

Loeff of Berlin invented the first vacuum coffee maker in the 1830s. It is also known as vac pot, siphon or siphon coffee maker.

The Construction

This type of coffee maker uses two mixing pots; one upper and one lower pot.

The upper chamber is positioned right on top of the lower carafe. They are sealed together with a stopper, to make sure that both pots are vacuum.

The upper and lower pots are connected with a hanging tube, while a filter and a tube are attached to the upper pot.

There are various designs and makes of vacuum coffee machines. The pots are usually made of plastic, metal or Pyrex. The filter can be a glass rod, or a screen made of nylon, metal, paper, or cloth.

How Does it Work?

A vacuum coffee brewer is based on the principal of vacuum and vapor pressure.

Step by step Instructions
First, the lower pot is filled with water and positioned on its base. The base has a heating element, which will bring the water to boil.
When the water is almost boiling, the upper pot filled with ground coffee is positioned directly on top of the lower pot. It is then sealed.
The water in the lower pot is kept boiling. This will increase pressure in the lower pot, forcing the water to rise through the tube and pour into the upper pot. At this point, the brewing process begins.
The mixture of water and ground coffee should be left as is for about three or four minutes. The duration of the brewing process depends on your preference. If you prefer coffee with stronger flavor, then you should let the water and ground coffee mixed a little longer. Try to experiment with different brewing durations to achieve your desired flavor.
Once the brewing duration is up, remove the coffee maker from the heating element. This will allow the pots to cool down. The cooling process will result in a vacuum in the lower pot. The water that was mixed with coffee grounds in the upper pot will slowly flow down, back to the lower pot.

As the water flows down, most of the coffee grounds will be filtered out. However, some of the coffee grounds may still be in the water.

When the water has flowed completely into the lower pot, the two pots can be safely separated.

The lower pot can be used to serve the coffee.

The Brewing Result

Vacuum coffee machines produce a clear, rich, and smooth brew. The best thing about using a this type of coffee maker is that the temperature used in the whole process is ideal for brewing coffee.

Nevertheless, the strength and flavor of the coffee is normally determined by the amount of coffee used. Coarse coffee grounds are usually used in a vacuum coffee maker.

For extra strong coffee flavor, one tablespoon of coffee per cup of water is the right measurement.

The duration of the brewing process affects the strength of the coffee too.

The basic principle is, the longer you brew, and the stronger it will be. Many other coffee makers fail to retain the flavor and aroma of the coffee, but a vacuum coffee makers is able to mix the water and coffee properly, while maintaining its flavor and aroma.

None of the oils and flavors of the coffee are lost, as claimed by a coffee makers review.


Although the vacuum coffee maker is considered the oldest technology in the history of coffee brewing, it is getting more popular nowadays as more and more people begin to enjoy coffee.

Many people begin to scout for antique vacuum coffee machines in antique shops or flea markets.

Even though there are various other ways to brew coffee, vacuum coffee makers still offer one of the best of all.

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