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Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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Looking for more information about the Braun coffee maker Tassimo? If you’re looking at coffee makers review articles, then you’re going to do a double take when you get to the Braun Coffee Maker Tassimo.

This is a machine that prepares a wide array of hot beverages, brewed to perfection one cup at a time, and just exactly the way you like it. If you associate a warm cup of aromatic, steaming coffee with moments of pleasure throughout the day, then this is the machine for you.

The Braun Coffee Maker Tassimo is a product of careful design engineering. It’s a solid, sleek, comfortable addition to your kitchen counter. It will also rest in stately fashion on your dining room buffet or atop the office credenza. Take a minute to think about what lures you to that comforting cup of coffee. Do you pass the coffee kiosk at the mall and respond to the roasted-bean aroma wafting through the air?

Maybe you love to take that fragrant cup to your desk at work and sit back for a brief but refreshing chat with a friend. Maybe you come home and treat yourself to the heat of the warm mug in your hands. Maybe it’s not coffee that satisfies your comfort urge. Perhaps for you it’s a calming, delicious cup of tea, lemony or sweetened, that boosts you up during the day.

And so it seems evident that this is a machine intended for the connoisseur of fine coffees or teas, the person who spends his time and money looking for those well known coffee stores-more on that in a moment.

What sets the Braun Coffee Maker Tassimo above the rest?

The discs are only part of the secret for these delicious brewing experiences. Each pre-filled disc is imprinted with a barcode so that the Tassimo knows exactly the right amount of water and the perfect temperature for your beverage. It times the brewing to suit your taste exactly.

Braun Coffee Maker Tassimo comes in several models some are brand new.

Enter the new Bosch TAS4513UC.

No, this is not a Braun. But I will let you into my secret: They come out of the same factory. So in fact it makes no difference whether you buy a Braun Tassimo or a Bosch Tassimo.

This is what the manufacturer says about the new product:

With the touch of a button, this fully automatic single-serve coffee brewer makes coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, as well as cappuccinos and lattes with real milk.

The machine uses Tassimo discs (T-Discs), which contain precisely measured amounts of the ingredients for each drink and are sealed to protect the flavors inside.

With barcode technology, the brewer scans the barcode printed on the label of each T-Disc to identify the drink desired.

The system then expertly adjusts to the optimal brewing time, temperature, and amount of water needed.

Simply insert a T-Disc, press the button, and in about a minute, sit back and enjoy a coffeehouse-quality hot beverage, one cup at a time. Try over 40 beverage varieties from 12 distinct brands, including Starbucks.
That seems to be a brand new way to program a coffee maker for the desired drink, and there are 40 different drinks for this coffee maker or better hot beverage maker.

The Braun Coffee Maker Tassimo 1200 model

The TA1200 features a 50-ounce water reservoir. With either one, you can use a filter to keep the water fresh. Both of them are silver with black accents. Both of them feature easily removed, dishwasher-safe components. Both of them brew your drink one cup at a time in approximately three minutes. You can preset the unit for the exact size of the drink you want, up to eleven ounces.

Probably the one feature of the Braun coffee maker Tassimo that makes it a stand-out is its versatility. You come home from wherever with your child or hubby or mom, and you can quickly brew up whatever beverage each of you prefers. It makes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages such as cappuccino, espresso, and latte drinks.

It’s ideal for the camaraderie of the neighborhood coffee klatch, with you as host or hostess quickly dispensing whatever drink each person favors. And you don’t have to clean it to serve different drinks; just pick the T disc you want to use. The brewing itself occurs in that disc.

Single-serve machines have been issued by a couple different manufacturers, and there are a variety of T discs available for you to choose from. People are just loving the flexibility to experiment with Italian coffees or English teas. There is a consensus at many coffee makers review columns that while this cup of coffee doesn’t quite match up with those sold by the big-name vendors, the Tassimo still offers a much better brew than the old standby twelve-cup machine.

Drawbacks of the Braun Coffee Maker Tassimo

The most universal complaint comes from people who haven’t really explored the technical capabilities of their machines. Many of them are complaining that the coffee is too strong or not strong enough, or not hot enough.

What they don’t realize is that even though the barcode contains instructions for the machine, you can override those preset instructions so that the beverage is brewed to your liking.

Another complaint specifically about the Braun Coffee Maker Tassimo unit comes from those who like to brew a tall travel mug for on-the-go use. There is a platform that you can remove so that your tall mug will fit, but it does cause a little bit of dripping if you do that.

A few have complained of coffee grounds, but the complaints came from people who had difficulties in puncturing the pod. You’ll pay more for the T discs than you will for a freshly ground sack of Eight O’Clock, but the cost is less than visiting that afore-mentioned big-name vendor.

Others simply prefer Keurig’s model because it offers the capability to make your own blend with a podster, using either freshly ground coffee or tea leaves.


Those who bought the Braun Coffee Maker Tassimo were eager to rebut the few complaints floating around. At over a hundred dollars it’s a little expensive, but then again so are those coffee vendor’s lattes. Overall, this unit gets good grades.

Cristian Guasch: