Best Single Serve Coffee Maker

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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The Single Cup Coffee Maker

What Size Cup Can You Use?

Single cup coffee makers have been a real success on the market. Consumers like that they are easy to use when travelling and very convenient for someone who does not want to brew a whole pot or who only needs a couple cups of coffee a day.

How to choose a single Cup Coffee Maker

The cup coffee maker is increasingly popular with many coffee lovers today for many reasons.

For one thing, it is a highly convenient and compact product that provides excellent coffee in various flavors and strengths.

For another thing, it is highly suitable for the busy lifestyles that most of us lead today, often taking under a minute from the prepackaged cup to your coffee cup.

Before you go into the kitchen appliance stores and online sites to choose from among many single cup coffee machines, it pays to know things about them.

This way, you become an informed buyer able to make wise purchasing decisions based on quality, choice, and cost.


In many ways the quality of coffee using a cup coffee machine is dependent on the quality of the machine itself.
And it has often less to do with the number of bells and whistles in the machine but how well said bells and whistles function when subjected to daily use. As such, you have to do your research before settling for a brand of cup coffee maker.

You can read reviews, ask around and even have the units tested in the store. And then choose the unit with functions that will fit into your lifestyle even when said functions veer towards the basics.

After all, you want features that you can actually use, hence, making for good value for your money.


On one hand, you can find cup coffee machines like the Keurig models with their K-cups and the Tassimo models with their T-discs.

As you well know, both K-cups and T-discs come in a wide variety of flavors, origins, and strengths, of which coffee is not just the choice to be made since hot chocolates and teas are also available.

In fact, you can choose from over 200 varieties!

On the other hand, all the major brands of cup coffee makers like Keurig and Tassimo require that you use their own brand of specially-packaged coffee for their machines. As such, if you have a favorite in the T-disc line but you only have the Keurig cup coffee maker, then you can either buy the Tassimo model or just forget drinking your favorite T-disc at home.

In a way, you are limited in your choices.


You must also do a cost-and-benefit analysis. For one thing, you have to choose based on your budget for such a small but necessary kitchen appliance.

Keep in mind that the more bells and whistles, then the more money involved. You can purchase a cup coffee machine for as little as a $100 although more expensive models can shoot up to $200 or more.

You have to determine whether you are willing to pay for additional features, prestige, and beauty when all you really need is a machine to make your coffee. Plus, there is the cost of the coffee capsules. Expect to pay $.50 per capsule, which is more than you would pay had you brewed a whole pot of coffee at home although it is significantly less than patronizing the likes of Starbucks on a daily basis.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase a cup coffee maker boils down to your lifestyle (living alone or the only coffee drinker in the house), your coffee preferences (flavored or black, single or multiple origins, etc) and budget.

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