Best Rancilio Espresso Machine

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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The Rancilio coffee makers are widely recognized as being some of the finest machines for brewing delicious coffee beverages. Many of these coffee makers are designed for use in restaurants, coffee houses and other businesses.

Yet, for the true connoisseur and coffee enthusiast these are the coffee machines they want in their own homes and kitchens too. When you are ready to fully explore the coffee adventure then you will need to know more about the leading line of coffee makers that are available.

Anyone can brew a simple cup of coffee but only Rancilio takes this beverage to the next level of taste excitement. The Silvia Espresso Machine is definitely one of the top selling Rancilio beverage makers.

It is backed with a two year warranty by the company, and even includes the special grinder.

Today this machine has become one of the highest ranked espresso products now sold. Users are pleased with this “single brass boiler” styling, the professionally designed portafilter and the easy to operate controls. For many consumers the Silvia Espresso Machine Maker is one of the best choices for home use or in a commercial, restaurant setting.

The Silvia is a serious machine for serious coffee lovers to enjoy. This coffee maker has a housing unit made of durable stainless steel, a brass boiler and plumbing fixtures, a brass and chrome plated portafilter and a stainless steel steaming wand.

With the Silvia Espresso machine you get powerful steam pressure second to none. This coffee maker can hold its own against other commercially designed machines when it comes to producing the finest, tallest froth. The 15 BAR pump provides you with effortless ease when it comes to making espresso. No matter how many espresso shots you need to create this coffee maker is able to deliver.

Additional Features
The Silvia Espresso Machine Maker dispenses hot water from the wand that can be used to make hot chocolate, tea or other beverages. A special 3 way valve prevents leaking water by directing waste waters into the drip tray.

There is even a warming tray on top of the Rancilio Silvia that can be used to warm your cappuccino and espresso cups before filling them with hot coffee. The water tank holds 67 fluid ounces which is enough to produce espresso shots for a large crowd. This finely crafted Italian coffee maker even includes a tamper, scoop as well as single and double shot filter baskets.

Another Rancilio-Espresso product is the V3 Home Espresso Machine.
This coffee maker has the ergonomic designed portafilter, articulating steam wand and a 12 ounce brass boiler. The V3 Home Espresso by Rancilio is also designed with the 3 way valve that reduces water pressure when you are not brewing beverages. The valve also eliminates those annoying water leaks and makes it much easier to remove the portafilter.

With this coffee maker you also get a tamper, scoop and filter baskets as part of the overall package. Convenience, ease of use and outstanding quality are hallmark characteristics of this espresso machine.

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