The Best Pod Coffee Machine

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 23, 2020

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Your unique pod coffee maker

Purchasing a pod coffee maker is important if you are like most of us in the world. We love the caffeine fix we get by making coffee. Some of us make our coffee at home, at work, and then come home to make another cup. Others drink one cup a day and find the 8 cup coffee maker to be too much.

Making your own coffee is certainly financially beneficial. Going to stores for a cup of coffee is quite expensive. The question at home becomes how to make the same great taste you get at the store. You could spend hundreds of dollars on an espresso machine, the beans, and the various syrups or you could go for the simpler method.

This kind of coffee maker, with pods will produce lattes, mochas, and regular cups of coffee. In our coffee makers review we want you to see the advantages and disadvantages of the various pod coffee makers on the market.

A pod coffee maker is unlike the 8-cup coffee machine. The coffee pod only offers one cup of coffee per pod. You can send the coffee right into your mug and it will remain heated on the little heating pad underneath. The pod coffee is a lot like instant coffee, but with a better taste. The coffee pod has a finely ground roast, which allows water to run through it. Powdered milk is used for the latte or mocha taste. They also have vanilla, caramel, and other flavors added to the coffee grounds if you wish.

This kind of coffee maker is a money saver if you want to drink one cup of coffee with the same great taste as your usual cup.

To start off our coffee makers review we have the Keurig Special Edition B60.

The Keurig is a pod coffee maker with a black plastic body, and stainless steel. It operates on 1500 watts, and is dishwasher safe. The water tank has a capacity for 48 oz, and is removable. The Keurig pod coffee maker is programmable with an auto shut off built in. It also has a water filtration system built in. The Keurig is priced at $129 to $200 depending on the store you purchase from.

Users have found they can make coffee, tea, or hot chocolate with the machine. Your coffee will be warm every time you go for a cup, and it is easy to clean. The advantages are numerous with the Keurig; however it can seem a bit expensive.

Mr. Coffee SL13

The great advantage of this coffee maker is, that it makes 2 cups of coffee at once.
The coffee maker stays warm as long as the machine is plugged in.
So its a good idea to unplug it if you don’t use it.
Another pro is the fact that you either use pods or ground coffee. The latter choice has the advantage, that you can use your own brand and blend.

The Senseo HD7810 is our last in the coffee makers review.

Senseo is considered the leader in coffee pod makers. The Senseo is light weight durable plastic. The design is slightly bent to pour the water into any size mug while it sits on the heating pad.

The Senseo is $70, which is also a great value. The coffee pod will brew one cup at a time, but you can use two pods if you have a larger than usual cup. The Senseo provides a nice amount of froth from the latte or mocha pods, making it just like your espresso machine. It is an easy to use machine, which does not take much time to brew. Senseo offers the coffee pod maker in black, red, blue or white.

There are some disadvantages to the coffee maker though. Some believe the coffee is not hot enough because it comes out at a drinkable temperature. For traveling purposes it would not be hot enough. There is also a limited selection of pods with the Senseo, which means you cannot get some of your favorite flavors.

Conclusion on different types of the pod coffee maker

From our coffee makers review you will see there are pros and cons to using a one cup machine. For some it works well, while others prefer the 2 or more cup machines.

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