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Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 22, 2020

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Amongst many coffee enthusiasts, coffee is not just a black drink mixed with a variety of toppings, sweeteners and flavorings.

Coffee is a way of life, a way to contemplate the meaning of life, and a way to enjoy life itself! And among the ways to make good coffee that is gaining more popularity among the coffee community is the perculator.

What is a Percolator

Quiet simply, a percolator is just a coffeepot used to brew coffee.

It first came into the attention of the coffee community with its invention by Benjamin Thompson (Count Rumford) for use in the field by the Bavarian Army.

He is said to be especially abhorrent of tea, thus, his promotion of coffee for its health benefits, of which he can be said to be ahead of his time.

In the United States, however, Hanson Goodrich is generally credited with the invention of the modern perculator as we know it.

Steps in Using

The modern coffee percolators are easy contraptions to use, actually. Just follow these steps to get one of the most robust coffees you ever had:

Now, you can pour your brewed coffee into your cup and enjoy! An important tip: Just add or lessen the amount of coffee grounds to get a stronger or weaker brew.

Types for the Choosing

There are two categories of the perculator. First, you can choose from the traditional stovetop, the modern electric, and the easy microwave percolators.

You have to exercise more caution in brewing with the stovetop type since you can end up with bitter coffee due to over boiling.

You can have more consistent coffee with the electric type since it will automatically stop once the brewing cycle is completed.

You will save on electrical costs with the microwave type since it uses 42 percent less electrical than its electric counterpart.

The Brands

You have many choices from various perculator manufacturers.

These include the GSI 14 Cup Glacier, the Regalware Commercial Size 55 Cup Black Satin, and the Faberware FCP412, to name a few.

Second, you can choose either from a pressure type or a gravity type percolator. If you choose the pressure type, you have the benefit of pouring directly from the coffeepot into your cup.

If your choice is the gravity type, you will get coffee from which the boiling brew passes through the coffee grounds continually until the perking action stops.

Although some coffee aficionados criticize the final product for being less flavorful due to the removal of some of the volatile compounds, you will agree that with careful use, you can still get one of the best coffees in your life, thanks to a percolator.

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