Best Nespresso Espresso Machine

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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The Nespresso line of coffeemakers and coffee pods is the proprietary system for home brewing as operated by the Nescafe group. The system itself is made up of a coffee machine into which specialized single-serve coffee capsules, which consist of ground coffee with various intensity, acidity and bitterness, are brewed.
Two of the more popular coffee machines under the brand are the C100-US-Aero and the D290. The naming system is in accordance with the norm in the coffeemaker industry although it could have provided us with the favor of naming the machines with easy-to-recall tags.

C100-US-Aero + Water + Capsule = Hot Espresso

Anyways, the Nexpresso C100-US-Aero is an automatic espresso machine with the proprietary Aeroccino one-touch milk frother.

Notable features include a 19-bar pump with the proprietary ThermoBlock heating system, electronic temperature regulation and removable 41-ounce water tank. Many users point to the ease of operation of this top-of-the-line coffeemaker.

Basically, the preferred coffee capsule is placed in its designated slot. The right lever and button are pulled and pushed and in a couple of minutes or so, piping hot espresso is yours to enjoy.

The espresso is dense and the foam is thick so much so that the lattes and cappuccinos from this coffeemaker rival the expensive coffee concoctions purchased from neighborhood coffee bars. This is also one of the easiest to clean of the Nespresso line. Just pull out the base holding the used pods, wash them in water and it’s done.

Add in the fact that it’s of compact size and many consumers rave about it in general.

D290 Quick, Practical, Perfect Espresso

Another coffeemaker from the same reputable manufacturer is the D290. Its features include 19-bar pump, electronic temperature regulation and automatic ejection of used coffee capsules, to name a few.
Like the others in its line, D290 is very easy to operate.

Just plug on the machine, pop in the preferred coffee pod, press the correct cup size, and out comes espresso with nice, thick cream on top. Cappuccino and latte varieties only need pressing on the steam button, sticking the tube into the cup of milk, pressing the lever and voila!

Hot, frothy foam on your coffee.

As can be expected from the Nespresso brand, clean up is as easy as taking out the receptacle for the discarded pods and rinsing it in warm water. Back in it goes to the coffeemaker. Plus, many consumers attest to the durability of the unit even after years of use.

One major disadvantage with both models of coffeemakers is its inability to take other brands of coffee capsules. You have to order directly from the website and in a few specialized stores before you can use the coffeemakers to your advantage again and again.

Coffee Capsules: Choice and Flavor
Fortunately, the proprietary coffee capsules are delicious in their own right or else no one will take the effort to buy both the machine and the pod.
You can choose from 16 Grands Crus blends, which are ground to various grades of fineness, flavor, intensity, acidity and bitterness. There is also a choice between espresso-sized cups and the larger Lungo capsules.

All in all,
the Nespresso coffeemakers and coffee capsules are a great match for coffee lovers who want their preferred drinks fast and easy without losing its positively addictive flavors, textures and aroma.
Just be prepared to pay a premium and you should be all set.

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