Best Nescafe Dolce Gusto Espresso Machine

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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The word Nescafe is a combination of the words “Nestle” and “cafe”, which was introduced as Nestle’s flagship coffee products in Switzerland on April 1, 1938.
Nestle, of course, is the world’s largest foods company with various products finding its way into millions of kitchen pantries worldwide.

Indeed, the term is almost synonymous with Instant Coffee that still manages to retain its original flavors, a high favorite among households. Nestle has also branched out into coffeemakers, which is but a logical move considering its good reputation in the coffee industry.

One of the more popular models is the KP210050 Dolce Gusto espresso machine , which is manufactured in partnership with the Krups company, and its Dolce Gusto coffee capsules.

The Nescafe KP210050 Dolce Gusto espresso machine is a single-serve brewing system for the proprietary Dolce Gusto coffee capsules, which means that each one only works with the other.
It has a removable water tank and drip tray, which makes for easy operation and cleaning. Other features include a 15-bar pump and control lever to adjust the strength of the coffee.

For people who like their coffee as hygienic as possible, there is good news.
The cartridge is especially designed so that the liquid coffee is never in contact with the machine, not to mention that drips from the cartridge rarely happen.

Of course, this also makes for easier maintenance as spillovers are considerably lesser compared with other coffeemakers.

Nescafe and Krups have also seen to it that very little maintenance is necessary to keep the KP210050 Dolce Gusto espresso machine in tiptop condition. Just make sure to occasionally rinse the drip tray and the water reservoir, clean the injector needle and wipe the exterior.

The brewing process is also relatively simple although it differs between espresso and milk-containing coffees. For espresso and plain coffee, just place the cartridge in the holder, flick the locking lever down, and then push the water selector to its hot setting.

You should stop the water flow when the coffee is done to your preference. For milk-containing drinks, the process is done in two steps.

First, place the milk cartridge in the slot in order to allow it to steam.

Then the coffee cartridge comes in next and the coffee pours into the cup.

In short, this coffeemaker requires no pre-heat time and fixed cycle, which is definitely a step up over other cartridge brewing systems.

Unfortunately, the Dolce Gusto coffee capsules are somewhat limited in choices with only around seven available in sites.
These flavors are cappuccino, latte macchiato, espresso, cappuccino ice, mocha and Americano. The prices on the pods are also on the pricey side and at relatively small servings at that.

Still, the flavors are rich so there really is not much to complain about.

The Nescafe KP210050 Dolce Gusto espresso machine and its matching coffee capsules can be good value for your money.
The trick is in using it according to instructions to get the best coffee this side of town and in choosing the right coffee flavor that will satisfy the demanding coffee connoisseur in you.

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