Best Melitta Espresso Machine

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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The At Home Melitta espresso machine
The melitta espresso machine is a thing for you? So, on the hunt for a new source of home made caffeinated joy, are we? If so, this web site and one of the coffee makers we review may hold your answer.

If you, like a large percentage of the population have gotten hooked on high end coffee shop coffee at five bucks a pop and are looking for a way to slim down your budget without going through the agony of caffeine withdrawal, a Melitta espresso machine may be the way to go.

As one of the only lines of do it yourself at home espresso machines on the market for under fifty dollars, a Melitta provides solid, middle of the road construction at a bargain basement price.

With an at home espresso machine, you can easily prepare for work by filling a thermos with the fancy espresso based cream and sugar filled drink of your choice, whatever that may be.

By the time your coffee break rolls around, it will still be piping hot in the thermos, and you will have just saved yourself about five dollars.

What is not to like about that? The best part is, because the machine is so very inexpensive, it pays for itself in about two weeks if you are a one a day kind of person. For those proud two fisted coffee swillers out there, you are looking at a payoff period of less than a week. Now, no one is saying you normally try to go out and drop fifty dollars on coffee a week, but take this time to examine your spending habits. How much DO you spend a week just to stay awake at the office? Especially in this bad economy, you need to be cutting costs wherever you can, and learning to make your own mixed coffee drinks can be a fun silver lining on the cloud of bad economics.

As far as machine quality goes, a Melitta espresso machine is probably about the middle of the road. This is roughly big box store level, mostly plastic, designed to look pretty but not overly solid. Honestly, it is a toss up as to how long it lasts. Some people have had great luck with their Melitta’s, using them day in and day out for several years without incident. Others have them blow a gasket a month in and deliver insufficiently heated water or milk.

Unfortunately, like most big box level technology, these machines are designed to be easy to replace. In fact, it is often cheaper to throw the broken one away rather than trying to fix it or replace parts yourself. On the other hand, if you are drinking expensive coffee every day and it lasts even two weeks, you are already at least breaking even, and most of them do go on and on without a problem.

Unlike some espresso machines, Melittas do not require any special proprietary brand of coffee or coffee pods. Just fill the coffee filter with espresso grounds or normal coffee grounds for the less extreme, and go. You can use any kind of coffee you want to put in there, and as long as you remember to clean your machine afterwards, it should do fine.

Espresso machines like this one have a pressurized steam chamber and steamer wand, which are what professional baristas use to heat water and milk for those fancy high end coffees.

There is one particularly noteworthy thing about the Melitta espresso machine. It has a four cup brewing carafe. Most espresso machines you will find here on coffee makers review use a single serving system with a very small coffee basket and a cup or mug beneath to capture your shot of espresso.

This thing makes up to four cups at a go, granting you the opportunity to make drinks for a large group of friends all at the same time, or even send you merrily on your way to jittery java heaven for about forty two hours straight, although this last option is not really recommended.

All in all, the Melitta espresso machine is of average quality, bargain price, and a good option for anyone just starting out with their first at home espresso drink making system. This is the one to get if you want to see if doing it yourself is right for you.

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