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Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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How To Save Money Drinking Your Favorite Coffee
K cup coffee varieties are packaged in specially-designed plastic containers, which are vacuum-packed with a coffee filter in each one.

Every cup has a plastic and foil seal that serves two purposes: first, to seal in the flavor by keeping out moisture and second, to allow the coffeemaker to easily puncture holes into the cup.

Each K-cup contains small pods of specially-flavored and specially-scented ground coffee beans that range from full-flavored to decaffeinated, from plain old coffee to fancy schmancy praline pecan flavor coffee.

Any coffee lover will definitely have his or her fill, maybe until coffee instead of blood flows through the veins.

How To Use
Anyways, to enjoy the single-serve coffee, you just place the K-cup in the Keurig brewer. The K cup coffee brewer then punctures numerous small holes in the foil lid while the K-cup’s bottom is punctured with larger holes albeit fewer in number.

The Keurig brewer then injects hot water under pressure into the K-cup and out into your mug. Voila! You have deliciously hot K cup coffee to enjoy and feed your caffeine addiction!

By the way, did you know that K-Cup brewers are also made by Mr. Coffee , Breville and Cuisinart and of course by Keurig . Whereby the Mr.Coffee brewer offers by far the best value for your money.

But of course, coffee heaven will not be coffee heaven if you can only enjoy one variant.
So, Keurig ties up with coffee roasters like BellaccinoBellaccino , Coffee PeopleCoffee People , Caribou CoffeeCaribou Coffee , Diedrich CoffeeDiedrich Coffee , Timothy’s World CoffeeTimothy’s World Coffee , Gloria Jean’sGloria Jean’s , Emeril’s Emeril’s , Van HoutteVan Houtte , Newman’s OwnNewman’s Own and Tully’s Tully’s to produce just about every imaginable coffee flavor man has known.
And the list is still growing as new combinations in coffee taste and smell are being discovered!

You can buy various packages quantities of cup packages. These can range from two dozens to more than a more than hundred coffee boxes. For the serious coffee lover, it’s a great way to stock up on a slice of nirvana.

First, these are great products for single individuals.
You need not brew one pot to last through the day only to have that pot go to waste because, after all, you are the only one drinking it. And you can save money, too!

Second, use the refillable K Cup holdersrefillable K Cup holders for your own favorite coffee. Use the holder over and over again. A great money saver.

Third, every coffee lover can have a personalized K cup coffee. You can serve decaf to the pregnant ladies in the house, full-flavored coffee for the men of the house and flavored coffee for the teens.

If you have a coffee party (think tea party), your guests will love that they can choose their own flavors.

Fourth, you can save water and in this green day and age, you will be commended for your choice. The water injected through the K-cup is measured such that every single drop counts.

Fifth, you will have delicious coffee of your choice in just under the minute. And if you’re worried about the flavor being diluted, don’t be. It’s as full-flavored as brewed coffee on a slow drip.

There are not many cons to K-cup coffee and even these disadvantages are easily remedied. For example, it can be drippy and messy sometimes but then you can always stock up on paper towels. Or it only works with the Keurig brewer. Then again, so do the products from Nestle work on their own machines!

Advice on the K-Cup
The K-cup coffee is a must-have for individuals who love their coffee in many varieties, who love their coffee on-the-go, who love their coffee being environment-friendly, who love their coffee in single-serves. In short, anybody who loves coffee should try it.

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