Best Gaggia Espresso Machine

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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With the growing popularity of espresso, it is no surprise that many coffee drinkers want that cafe taste right in their own home. Gaggia is a well known name in the industry and is known for producing well made and high quality coffee makers.

Gaggia espresso machines give you the ability to make this popular coffee at home, backed by the dependability of a well respected company.

Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine
The Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic Espresso Machine is an automatic machine that features a stainless steel lined brewing boiler, an additional steaming boiler, a 15 bar pump, a 60 ounce water reservoir and a built in burr grinder with 18 adjustable grind settings. It also has a frothing wand with rapid steam for no wait time and an 8.5 ounce bean hopper.
This espresso machine made customers feel like they had a café in their own homes. The frothing wand made it simple to finish up the espresso and the blue LED display was easy to read and helpful in giving alerts.

Consumers liked the quick operation, large bean hopper and water reservoir. They also appreciated that this machine is easy to clean.

Consumers found that some of the features of this espresso machine were more of a problem then a help. The built in grinder was convenient, but difficult to clean and with a newer machine the grinder becomes clogged easily.

In some machines there was a defect in the fitting for the steam boiler that leads to leaking.

The energy saving features is not automatic and requires you to set it in order for it to work. Also there were some issues with the drain pan because while the display is supposed to monitor and let you know when it is full, it does not always work and this can lead to an overflow.

Conclusion of Gaggia 90500 Titanium Super Automatic
Consumers liked that this machine made espresso making easy, but they felt that some features could use improvement to be more user friendly.

Gaggia does offer good customer service, though, who will help you with any issues regarding operation, so if you desire a well made product that offers multiple brewing options and handy accessories then this may be the espresso machine for you.

Gaggia 16103 Evolution Espresso Machine
The Gaggia 16103 Evolution Espresso Machine has a commercial style filter basket, a self priming pump, indicator lights and a built in warmer. The water reservoir is laterally removable and it has a large sized drip tray.
It also features a turbo frother steam wand and comes with filter baskets, a coffee tamper and coffee scoop.

This espresso machine made buyers feel at ease with the easy to use controls and the many accessories. Users liked the commercial grade quality which makes this machine very durable.
The large drip tray helped prevent over flows and the laterally removable water reservoir made cleaning easy.

Consumers also liked that this machine comes with two filters, one for a single shot and one for a double shot, giving them options.

Another perk for consumers is that this machine comes with a user manual and CD-ROM.

Consumers had some concern about the machine in regards to its light weight, which causes a need to hold it down while attaching the portafilter to prevent tipping.
Others expressed a problem with the temperature of brewed espresso not staying warm despite the built in warming plate.

Conclusion of Gaggia 16103 Evolution
Overall, this espresso machine may work for someone new to brewing espresso. It is also a nice option for people who appreciate easy to use products. For some people, though, the temperature issues and light weight design may prove to be more of a problem then they prefer.

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