The Best Drip Coffee Makers

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 22, 2020

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Drip coffee makers are some of the more popular coffee makers. In fact, just about everyone has one, even most businesses make use of drip coffee makers.

Many people simply head to the store pick up a coffee maker and most do not realize that the coffee maker actually has an effect on the flavor of the coffee that is brewed through it. Having the right coffee maker can make all the difference in your morning cup of Joe. Coffee maker reviews can help to determine which coffee maker is going to be right for you.

The Brands

There are a number of different brands of drip coffee makers. You can find them for less than ten dollars and they can go up to as much as $300 or more depending on the brand and all the features it may have. Coffee maker reviews are a great way to do a coffee makers comparison and find the best coffee maker for your perfect cup of coffee.

For example, coffee should be brewed at a certain temperature. Some coffee makers may heat the water too much, while others are going to keep the water too cool to make decent coffee. Most people are unaware of the importance of temperature when it comes to brewing coffee.

There are several different types of drip coffee makers:

The first is going to be automatic drip. These are the types of coffee makers that most people purchase for their homes. Then you have manual drip coffee makers. The difference between the two is with manual drip the filter is placed over the pot and the water is poured in manually by the user. When it comes to automatic drip water is poured into a reservoir and then heated and released through the grinds and filter.

There are several different brands with a variety of models such as Alessi,
Black and Decker,
Hamilton Beach,
Mr. Coffee,
Proctor, and
You can even find coffee makers produced by Starbucks, as well as Technivorm, , Villaware, Waring, West Bend and Zojirushi.

Some are going to be more expensive with a greater number of features others will be less expensive with less features or you may find an expensive but feature rich coffee maker and vice versa.

There are a few things that you will want to look for in coffee maker reviews that can help you sort through the companies, models and determine the right coffee makers for you.

Automatic vs Manual

Automatic drip coffee makers are going to have some advantages over other types of coffee makers some of the largest advantages is that there are a number of models to choose from and a number of companies, there are also models that are simple or complex. They are usually reasonably priced and can be found just about anywhere coffee makers are sold. If you are looking for a coffee maker for general purpose coffee that is easy to use an automatic drip is going to provide you with most of what you are looking for.

There are also some disadvantages to these types of coffee makers. You have no control over the water temperature. This means that if you prefer extremely hot cups of coffee, you may be disappointed. They can also be difficult to clean completely so you may find that coffee flavors change over time even if you are cleaning the pot.

In these instances manual drip may provide you with a better cup of coffee though it does take time and you cannot program manual drip coffees. You can however determine the temperature of your coffee. You also control how fast the drip is and that can also determine the strength of the coffee something that with automatic drip can only be done by increasing the amount of coffee, the fineness of the grain or the roast type. This means that you can get a better cup of coffee from manual drip.

The other disadvantage is you have to know how to add the water. It is more than just pouring it in, there is a way it has to be poured. This can be time consuming.


These are things that need to be considered when looking into drip coffee makers and things to look for when you are going over the coffee maker reviews for these types of things. The quality of the coffee maker, the type of drip coffee makers you are interested in and the features that are available with each brand and each model.

How to use the drip coffee makers

Instructions on how to use the drip coffee makers

Despite the fancy espresso machine which has become quite affordable, the most popular way of making coffee for home and office is still the drip coffee maker. This type of coffee maker comes in many brands and designs.
But the way to use it is always the same. Read on to find out.

Many people are unsure about the exact amounts to be used.

Even though most people (like me) tend to unpack the new gadget then straight away plug it in and start using it. But we should really read the manual first and find out if there is something you have to do before brewing the first cup of coffee.

There is a debate on whether you should use a permanent filter, thus saving the bother of having to buy paper filters. To this I can say that after you have used your drip coffee maker, you are left with the wet grounds.

But not only that, the brewing process has also left coffee oils. When you use a permanent filter, you have the wet grounds to get rid of and also the oils, these have attached themselves to the mesh of the filter.

If not properly cleaned, these oils will build up in the course of time and spoil the flavor of your of coffee more and more.

So do yourselves a favor and use those paper filters, they make it easier to get rid of the wet grounds and to keep the machine clean.

Here is the proper procedure to get the best out of the automatic coffee maker:

  1. Start by filling the water container attached to the coffee machine with cold water, the amount depends on the number of cups of coffee that you want.
  2. The coffee filter has been put in its designated place and is now filled with coffee. The amount depends on the amount of water, that you have put in the water container. Rule of thumb is: you add 2 tablespoons of coffee per cup and at the end add one for the coffee maker. This is a case of learning by doing, so you will vary the amount of coffee depending on your preference. Use 10 tbsp per 4 cups of water. Don’t try to speed the whole process by putting hot water into the coffee maker. This will ruin the coffee flavour as the coffee maker will use water at a temperature just below boiling point. You might possibly damage the coffee maker.
  3. Now turn the coffee maker on , and let it do its job.
  4. When all the water has gone from the water container, make sure that there is no more water dripping on the coffee grounds. Then you can now pour the coffee into the cups.
  5. Most coffee makers have a hotplate that the carafe sits on. Don’t keep the hotplate on for more than half an hour, after this the coffee will become bitter. To keep the coffee warm for longer it is advisable to use a thermos flask.

Important: Keep your drip coffee maker as clean as possible and keep it free of scale. More on cleaning you will find on our article about coffee makers cleaning.

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