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Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 22, 2020

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I found my best coffee maker

I just love coffee. That’s why I went through quite a number of coffee makers in search of the best coffee maker

I always used to wonder, how come these coffee shops can make such a tasty cup of coffee. My coffee was bitter, and my wife who does not take any sugar was the worst complainer.

One day the penny dropped, when we bought a coffee maker that grinds the beans just before the coffee is brewed. This seems to be all there is to it. Fresh beans, grinded freshly and using good fresh water

I was just blown away. Finally I had found the coffee maker that makes that smooth cup of coffee. No more bitter tasting coffee. And the best thing was that coffee maker does more than the usual machine.

Cuisinart DCC1200 Brew Centralbest coffee maker , no it’s not my new car with a diesel engine. This is my Best Coffee Maker with a capital “B”.

Let me tell you more about my favorite machine.

My coffee maker makes up to 12 cups of coffee. Up to means that you don’t have to fill the carafe completely with coffee. If you want, or need to make less, then all you do is to turn the machine on, add water and beans, and press the button that says 1-4 cups. The coffeemaker will adjust everything accordingly

Now I am conservative and like to use that #4 paper filter, but you can chose to use the permanent filter. I suppose that does have its time saving advantages.

Once your coffee is ready, you will hear 5 beeps. Now it’s time to have that first cup of Joe.

It’s not good to have the coffee on the hot plate for too long, as it makes for a bitter cup of coffee. So that’s why the machine will turn off automatically, depending on your setting after 0 to 4 hours. Makes sense doesn’t it?

There is the pause function for you to take a cup before all the water has run through and the coffee is ready.

But I don’t suggest you use it, and this is why: When the water filters through the coffee ground, the first coffee is the strongest and the longer the water runs through the weaker the coffee gets.

That’s normal, and the reason why you should stir the coffee in the carafe before you pour your first cup of that really fantastic smooth coffee.

Sure, you can go and read my other reviews, that is why I wrote them.

But if I were you, I would not bother. This is that best coffee maker you have been looking for.

So, take my word for it and buy the machine, you won’t regret it!

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Coffee Maker Reviews

Good coffee maker reviews are helpful. I review the latest models of popular brands like

For the genuine coffee connoisseur, the perfect cup of coffee is not simply an accident.

Much like fine wines, a good cup of coffee requires planning and preparation in order to get the perfect flavor to savor over in the early morning or as the perfect after dinner drink. While it is important to start with a high quality coffee and pure water, that is only the beginning. Finding the perfect coffee maker will help enhance the joy of the coffee drinking experience.

Read through all coffee maker reviews before picking the final product to ensure that you get long use from your coffee maker.

Brewing the perfect cup of joe in your coffee maker started hundreds of years ago, quite different from our traditional methods. Coffee takes the raw coffee beans and turns them into a beverage. How does this happen? The raw coffee beans are first roasted, then ground. Once the coffee has been ground, it is brewed and separated from the grounds.

There is more than one way to brew your cup of coffee, and the coffee makers review will give insight into what modern users think about how a coffee pot fulfills the requirements.

Coffee Maker Reviews Can Change the Way You Make your Coffee

Boiling coffee is the oldest way to prepare coffee, although if coffee is actually boiled, it becomes bitter. This method involves mixing coffee grounds with hot water and then pouring the coffee and leaving the grounds. Sometime called “mud coffee”, this method is not popular in the western culture. The types of grounds are important to make sure they sink enough.

The French Press coffee maker uses the steeping method. In this process, the coffee is poured into a cylinder and boiling water is added. A plunger holds the coffee grounds at the bottom and the coffee is poured through the top. While this method is most popular in Europe, the reputation for the taste of coffee is making the French Press a popular option in the United States as well. These are available in many different types of styles, from plastic to glass, and reading the coffee maker reviews will help determine if a French Press is a good option.

The most popular method (at least in America) , drip brew , is the most popular type of coffee maker. This process runs hot water over coffee grounds in a coffee filter. When using this method, the type of grounds and filter, as well as amount, all contribute to the quality of the cup of coffee.

Coffee Maker Reviews for Newcomers

For those who don’t indulge in coffee, it may not be as important, but read the coffee makers review to find the features that will make your morning coffee more enjoyable.

With the introduction of coffee shops and the growing desire for at home coffee makers that give coffee shop results, pressure coffee makers are now an option. This is used to make espresso by forcing water through a high pressure with finely ground coffee to make an unusually strong cup of coffee.

Special Features and Aspects

Features such as auto-start so coffee is ready first thing in the morning can be a real time saver.

Depending on the quality of water, the filters are important as well. Running clean and purified water through a coffee maker not only extends the life of the coffee maker, but improves the taste as well. Deciding on where you will place your coffee maker and the cosmetic appearances can be a factor as well.

Since coffee has a fairly short shelf life once brewed, it is important to consider how to keep your coffee fresh. For drinkers who linger over coffee for more than one cup, finding a coffee maker that has a thermal carafe may be important. The airtight seal will help preserve the coffee for extended periods of time so that the coffee will be savored.

When reading the coffee makers review, also find out how hot the coffee brews, as well as how long the brewing time is. Some people have a preference for hotter coffee, and there are coffee makers that have hotter burners than others. This can be an important selling point for those who want a hot cup of coffee, and for those who want it quick some coffee makers will deliver better than others.

Conclusion on Coffee Maker Reviews

Your coffee maker should not be the first one you see. Browse through the coffee makers review pages to find one that will meet the needs and desires you have for that perfect cup of coffee. With the right coffee maker, those mornings will run much smoother once your tasty, well-filtered water has run through and left you with a piping hot cup of coffee.

Coffee Facts

Since its discovery, coffee continues to be a source of personal comfort, social lubricant and spiritual inspiration for millions of people around the world. And yet, its health benefits are still hotly debated!

So, far the results of scientific studies have been a mixed bag of benefits and banes to mankind. For coffee aficionado and average Joe alike, it can be confounding to be pulled one way and then another with each published study. To help you separate the beans from the chaff, so to speak, here’s a lowdown of coffee’s health benefits so far.

Cardiovascular Diseases
One of the coffee facts is, that coffee reduces the risks of contracting heart disease because of the presence of beneficial antioxidants in each cup. And with the number of cups that passes through an average American’s throat, these protective antioxidants accumulate.

Also, coffee does not seem to increase blood pressure. Take note, however, that hypertension is a complicated process of which the role of coffee has yet to be studied in depth.

On the other hand, coffee can raise cholesterol levels specifically because of the presence of kahweol and cafestol that increase low-density lipoprotein in humans. Special notice is given to non-paper filter brew methods and to decaffeinated coffee for such risk.

On a brighter note, coffee exhibits anti-cancer properties. Although previous studies have pointed out that more than 500 chemicals found in coffee are rodent carcinogens, it does not necessarily mean that these are human carcinogens, too, as these occur naturally and are not toxic in the levels consumed on a daily basis.

Researchers continue to uncover coffee facts that point to coffee’s reduction of risks for liver, colon, breast and rectal cancers.

It must be emphasized, however, that drinking plenty of coffee will not provide total immunity from cancer. It’s a complex disease with complex causes and cures that coffee alone cannot explain.

According to a unique study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, drinking coffee reduces the risk of developing Type II diabetes by more than 50 percent.

Of course, caffeine in itself is not the cause of such good news since more studies need to be done to determine what coffee compounds are responsible and how these work to lower the risk for diabetes.

It cannot be overemphasized that adding sugar-laden additives to coffee such as milk and sugar can negate the beneficial effects diabetes-wise. Just plain old decaffeinated coffee will do.

Degenerative Brain Disorders
As most coffee drinkers observe, coffee can improve mental alertness and short-term memory. Now, researchers have discovered that it can also reduce the risks of developing degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease as well as dementia.

The flip side is that men are more protected from Parkinson’s disease than women are. Still, coffee is good for cognitive performance so drinking up is still good.

In conclusion, too much of a good thing is bad. So, it is with coffee, too. One of the coffee facts is that it’s good for your health as studies have proven and will continue to prove in the future but excessive consumption can be bad for your health.

Just like wine and chocolates, coffee is best taken with moderation. This way, you get to enjoy their unique pleasures while getting the best health benefits possible.

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