Best Chemex Coffee Maker

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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The Chemex coffee maker was invented by chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm in 1941 and since then it has epitomized the best in manual coffee making. In addition, its iconic design has placed it in the pantheon of permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Smithsonian.
You will most probably agree that indeed it is a beautiful thing to behold and an excellent coffee maker to use in its simplicity. You use the Chemex by forming the proprietary coffee filter into a cone, placing it on the pouring spout, putting either a regular or automatic grind coffee into the filter cone, pouring freshly boiled water (about 200 F) into the grounds slowly and then pouring the resulting fresh coffee into your favorite mug. Enjoy!

You can buy the Chemex coffee maker in various sizes like the 8-cupchemex 8-cup and the 3-cupchemex 3-cup models, the latter of which can also make excellent coffee for 1 cup.


You get a full-flavored coffee because the Chemex allows the coffee beans to blossom, hence, giving up its full flavors. Also, you will notice that the essential oils in the coffee beans are left behind during the brewing process, thus, resulting to a less bitter coffee.
Now, contrast this with the auto-drip machine that allows water to swirl through the coffee beans and the French press that allows silt to settle into your coffee. You will have no difficulty learning the bells and whistles of automatic coffeemakers simply because there are no bells and whistles in the Chemex.

It is a back to the basics coffee maker that any technophobe and even technophile will love. You can control the strength and flavor of your coffee. Just add or lessen the amount of coffee or water you want until you arrive at your perfect brew for the day.

The recommended amount is one rounded tablespoon per 5 ounce of coffee, according to the Chemex coffee maker website. You can clean the Chemex in less than a minute. There are no tubes, small parts, and no reservoirs to take apart.

Just take out the filter and throw it in the trash, rinse the Chemex and store in the cabinet. Plus, you will appreciate owning a piece of art that can grace your countertop if you wish to display it.

Not bad for a manual coffeemaker.

You have to employ trial and error when brewing your perfect cup of coffee.
YOU might have difficulty in calculating the contact time especially as you have to pour the hot water in small amounts.

You cannot perform multi-tasking with the Chemex coffee maker as you really have to boil and pour the water into the coffee grounds-filled paper cone.

Hands down, the Chemexchemex-6cup is the most beautiful manual drip coffee maker ever made. (Proof: It is the only coffeemaker in display at museums) You can learn how to operate it since there are no buttons to push, you can clean it out easily and you can store it just about anywhere.
The best thing about the Chemex coffee maker is that it produces excellent coffee with its full flavors but without the bitter oils and the silt of other coffeemakers.

All in all, it is an excellent coffeemaker indeed, perhaps even a must-have in any kitchen.

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