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Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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The Bunn coffee maker is consistently listed in the top ten amongst the most popular brands in the coffee makers review.

Originally manufactured only for commercial use, they are now available for both the office and at home.

There are several models of Bunn home coffee makers:

BTX 10 Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

The BTX 10 cup thermal carafe coffee maker, available in black with stainless, will keep your coffee fresh and hot without overheating. No warmer is needed, saving a bit on your electric bill and eliminating that dreadful burnt taste that coffee gets when it sits too long on a warmer. The double walled carafe is unbreakable. It has a vacation switch which turns the tank heater off.

What do the users think?:
Charkes G. says: Bunn Coffee Makers are very high quality coffee makers, and one typically needs to spend money to get this kind of quality. However, there are a few costs you should be aware of before you purchase a Bunn Coffee Maker. I’m not saying that it may not be worth it to you, but you may as well know all of the costs before purchasing. …..

BX Coffee Maker

The BX is similar to the BTX, but comes in black or white and has a glass carafe. It is designed to also brew iced tea and hot chocolate. All other features are similar.

What do the users think?:

M.P. says: This Bunn BX-B 10-cup coffe brewer is a pricey but fantastic coffee maker for your home or small office. I bought one for my office, so that I can make myself a quick pot of coffee when I get to work or whenever someone stops by to visit my office during the day. This machine makes coffe FAST and the flavor of the coffee is always consistent. Although I have never found many of the Bunn coffee makers to be much of a fashion statement, this unit is fairly high-tech looking, with its black and stainless color combination…..

NHB Coffee Maker

The NHB is an upscale version, good quality commercial style coffee maker for your home. This is great for the user who keeps coffee going all day and consumes several pots. This coffee maker brews to the standards of fine restaurants. It has a stainless steel and plastic exterior, black or white, a glass carafe. It can brew iced tea, and has the other features always found on Bunn coffee makers. The NHBX gives you a porcelain covered warmer plate.

Be aware before you purchase this Bunn coffee maker that it needs to be installed properly before you can use it successfully. Read and follow the user guide instructions. This coffee maker was designed to remain connected at all times, unless you are cleaning it or leaving home for more than three days. There is a switch for shutting down all electrical components. If it has been turned off, you will need to run a pot of water through it to start the heat cycle going again. Dump the pot that was in the reservoir and you have it ready to go for a fresh hot pot of coffee in three minutes. If you don’t follow the installation instructions you can permanently damage your coffee maker.

What do the users think?:

R. Plourde says: I’m fond of some of the ‘thicker’ smokier coffees. Mocha Matari (while difficult to find) is among my favorites. Normal drip pots (including some expensive ones) don’t provide the complexity of flavor I enjoy. (I suspect the water is too hot, the brewing cycle is too long, and the coffee is over-extracted.) …..
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Bunn one cup brewing models

Bunn has two models that are for one cup brewing: the MCA and the MCP

MCA automatic pod

MCA automatic pod is able to brew both coffee and tea. Its patented pod drawer works with most pods, unlike some other brands that require using only their pods. It has a stainless steel heating tank that brews coffee in about thirty seconds.

The tea button features a pulse-brew system not unlike dipping your tea bag. The pod holder, reservoir lid and drip tray are dishwasher safe. This pod can be connected directly to a water line to eliminate filling.

MCP Coffee Maker

The MCP Bunn Coffee Maker is the lower end model of the automatic pod coffee makers. It must be filled regularly. It has an energy-saver mode that reduces tank temperature during idle periods.

If you are thinking about buying an automatic pod brewer, please consider the fact that not all models and brands can use any available pods in any size. Know in advance where you will be able to get the pods for the coffee maker you are considering.

Also be aware that the Bunn coffee maker costs a bit more, and the coffee pods cost a lot more than buying loose coffee.

Consumer reviews have indicated that, while Braun AromaDeluxe KF510 got the brewing water the hottest, it took longer than all the others to brew. The Cuisinart Brew Central has a three setting hot plate and a time-to-clean indicator that users loved. It also has a popular pause and serve function that lets you grab a cup of coffee before it is finished brewing. But it is very pricey, when compared to the others.

What do the users think?:

R. Scott says: I justified the high cost of purchase in two ways:
1. The convenience of brewing at home cannot be overstated. I get my coffee when I want it, the way I want it.
2. Coffee pods cost about 20 to 25 cents each. Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts coffee costs a dollar thirty and up, depending on where you live.
For me this machine will pay for itself in less than a year. …..

Conclusion on Bunn Coffee Makers

All in all, it is wise to do a little online checking before you choose a Bunn coffee maker, a pod brewer, etc. Coffee makers review is a good place to start.

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