Best Breville Espresso Machine

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 23, 2020

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A lot of value for your money

If you are looking for a long-lasting espresso machine but you are on a limited budget, you can certainly find a winner in Breville espresso machines. The line includes the following models: Die Cast Espresso Machine, Die Cast Programmable Espresso Machine, Cafe Roma Espresso Machine, Cafe Modena Espresso Machine, and the Cafe Venezia Espresso Machine.

All of the Breville espresso machine models are built to last you a lifetime as they are made of high-quality die cast metal and the exterior is done in stainless steel plus the components are made of marine steel. You will find these espresso machines extremely affordable with the prices starting at about two hundred dollars and the most expensive at five hundred dollars.

With the Breville espresso machines, the heavyweight durability of materials does not leave the design uncompromised. The simplicity and sleek designs of each Breville machine can fit into any modern kitchen. For instance, you can find the Breville Gourmet Single Cup coffee brewer’s appearance as professional as the ones you see in coffee shops around.

I have the machine. What Now?

The quality of the coffee Breville espresso machines produce is also competitive especially if you have experience brewing an espresso before. This means that you will need to learn what degree f fineness the coffee has to be ground to, plus the right amount of tamping pressure. If you are a beginner, you might experience brewing a diluted cup of coffee, complete with sediments at the bottom since making a mistake in filling up the water reservoir or in the ground coffee you use can cause the machine to let out water from the filter basket.

These machines also come out of the box almost fully assembled, which means, you can probably enjoy your first cup from it a few minutes after it arrives. Of course, this means you need to use filtered coffee for that first cup but the brew is excellent. You will need to read the instructions in the manual for espresso, since you need to know what ground coffee to use and how much water you need in the water reservoir.

Cappuccino making

This a bit more complicated since you will want for it to look professional with the froth and all. But, when you get the hang of it, you would not be going out for coffee and paying high prices for something that you can get at home.

For anyone who loves coffee and takes time to read and follow the instructions, the Breville espresso makers are a joy to have around the house. If you forego reading the instructions, you will never enjoy the advantages of having your own, inexpensive espresso/cappuccino and drip coffee maker at home. The nozzle- where the froth comes out- is especially hard to clean so make sure that you let out the steam after frothing the milk. If you do not, you will definitely be cleaning that for a good hour.

The conclusion

In the lines of inexpensive, mid-range espresso machines, the Breville espresso machines are definitely one of the most recommended for all coffee lovers and for those who like having their friends over for a great cup of espresso.

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