Best Black and Decker Coffee Maker

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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You may know of Black and Decker coffee maker already – a globally acclaimed company that has been a household name for decades.

It is therefore not surprising that the products they offer assures you of quality and durability that you would expect from such a big player in the industry.

Black ‘n Decker coffee makers try to live up to the brand name they carry and this is good for the consumers.

This means that the company constantly looks for ways to make sure that their leadership in the market is uncompromised.

For home use, Black and Decker offers coffee makers that can fit squarely in any small space that your kitchen counter can afford. Also, the price range of small Black and Decker coffee makers are a bargain, if you look at how much it differs from other top of the line coffee machines.

Black and Decker DCM18S

The compact unit is suitable for coffee fanatics who require that perfect cup of coffee in the morning but do not have the time to work complicated machines.

There are just four steps involved in using a compact coffee maker from Black and Decker:

  1. Load the coffee into the pod
  2. Put water in the reservoir
  3. Place a cup in the dispenser
  4. And press a button

Only, this compact coffee machine is good for just one serving and you will need to start all over again when you have a friend over.

The time that you brew coffee is less than the time when brewing a large batch in a traditional coffee maker.

Still, because of the portion, you are sure that you will not waste ground coffee because you will not need so much water still the brew is just right.

Cristian Guasch: