Best Bialetti Espresso Machine

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 26, 2020

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Bialetti the best in Travel Coffee Makers
Bialetti travel coffee makers and expresso machines are known for being very finely crafted home appliances. These coffee machines give consumers the chance to brew exquisite cups of dark, rich coffee at a fraction of the price you would pay at a restaurant or hotel.
Better yet, you will always have access to the freshest coffee and the brewing process only takes a few moments from start to finish. Travel coffee makers are one way to keep your favorite blends of coffee with you when you are on the go.

Alfonso-Bialetti was the genius responsible for re-inventing the way coffee was brewed. In the 1930s he devised the first Moka Pot.

This was a small appliance that made it possible for Italians to brew strong expresso directly on a stovetop in their homes.
This little aluminum coffee maker could be called the very first design for travel coffee makers.

The Brand Travel Coffee Makers

The Bodum 16 ounce Insulated Travel Coffee Press even lets you watch the brewing action. This handy device has a secure rubber grip for handling the beverage, and a clear cup container so you can enjoy seeing that delicious, savory coffee being prepared.

What is the Price
The price of the Bodum Travel Coffee PressBodum Travel Coffee Press ranges from USD 18 – USD 26.
This means that after just a week or two you will have recovered this small investment in the savings you accumulate by not buying those expensive cups of coffee at shops, cafes and coffee bars.

The Functional Design of the brand travel coffee maker
This Bodum brand travel coffee maker is the ultimate choice for those seeking functional, compact design. The coffee press attaches directly to the top of your coffee mug, and there are no other unnecessary parts or pieces that are required for brewing beverages.

The streamlined design of the Bodum brand coffee press makes it very convenient for the office, home or travel. The top press can hold a full 16 ounces of fluid and all you need to do is the water and the freshly ground coffee blend you prefer. You can even brew hot tea in the Bialetti-Bodum Travel Coffee Press.

The Bodum coffee maker is Environmentally Friendly
With the choice of this coffee maker you can also do your part to support the environment. The reusable coffee mug means that you will not be tossing paper, plastic or Styrofoam cups into the garbage on a daily basis.
This coffee mug is even made from BPA free plastic material that makes it safe for you and for the environment.


Today more than ever before it seems that people demand convenience, affordability and true quality in the products they choose. The Bialetti line of coffee makers delivers all of these features and even backs their many products with a company warranty.

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