The Best Aeropress Coffee Makers

Reviewed by our expert Cristian Guasch | Updated: November 23, 2020

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AeroPress, the best cup of coffee ever

The AeroPress coffee maker is manufactured by the Aerobie Company, which also produces sporting goods like the flying ring. It is of more recent vintage being invented by Stanford engineering lecturer Alan Adler in 2005.

The basic principle behind the Aerobie brand coffee maker is similar to the mechanics behind a syringe although it is considerably bigger. There are two polycarbonate cylinders that fit one over the other to create an airtight cylinder. You might think of the resultant product as espresso but it is more akin to a strong coffee.

To use it, you place fine-ground coffee on top of the paper microfilter, which is located at the larger cylinder’s bottom. You will then pour hot but not boiling water (around 75-80 degrees Celsius is ideal) into the coffee, which will then be stirred and allowed to steep for about 10 seconds.

You will then exert pressure on the water-coffee grounds mixture by pushing the second cylinder downwards. And don’t forget to position it on top of a coffee cup or mug, of course.

At present, there only seems to be one model – the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker.

First the Aeropress Pros

With its durable construction, that $27 will indeed go a long way.


You might have to use 3-4 times more coffee grounds than you normally would with an automatic coffee maker.

That leads us to the following Conclusion

All in all, the AeroPress coffee maker is a good addition to your arsenal of gadgets necessary to enjoy a cup of strong, smooth and flavorful coffee.

Even if you already have its electronic counterparts, it is always a good idea to have a manual backup for emergency situations.

And sometimes, too, those electronic coffeemakers can be a hassle to operate with all their buttons and parts to clean, not to mention that you often end up with bland coffee.

And nobody wants bland coffee, definitely not you, we hope.

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